App makes case for giving your bricklayer a $1500 HoloLens

by Surur
January 31, 2019

Designed for the sterile world of the head office, many augmented reality products have found their home instead on the factory floor, and it seems the Microsoft HoloLens may be heading that way too.

Working with the University of Tasmania, HoloLens developer Fologram has demonstrated how their app can save property developers and builders weeks of construction time using the HoloLens to replace plumb lines and brick guides, allowing them to create complex organic shapes in a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take.

Microsoft is expected to announce a new generation of HoloLens in the next few weeks at Mobile World Congress 2019, and I suspect besides being much improved, it will also be more suited for in the field use.

Read more about the app at Fologram here.

Via FastCompany

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