Anger amongst Tesla owners over $1500 Full Self-Driving hardware upgrade fee

by Surur
July 18, 2021

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The arrival of the $199 Full Self-Driving subscription service has opened up an unexpected hornet nest in the Tesla community.

The feature means that in theory, any Tesla car owner since 2016 could try out Full Self-Driving features for a reasonable fee for a short period, as needed (e.g. a long road trip) without having to spend a massive $10,000 for a potentially rarely used feature.

In practice, however, any Tesla more than 2 years old will need a hardware upgrade to the “Hardware 3.0” or “FSD Computer,” which costs $1500.

The source of the anger is that when buyers purchased their Tesla from 2016 onwards they were assured by Tesla and Elon Musk that their cars already included all the hardware necessary for Full Self-Driving.

This was not an issue before as the only previous Full Self-Driving option was the $10,000 once-off purchase, and this included an upgrade to “Hardware 3.0”, if needed, for free.

This leaves owners who were promised their car was FSD ready, except for a software upgrade, with the need to spend several thousand dollars more to meet requirements.

Tesla owners are demanding that Tesla offer a free upgrade to those who are interested in Full Self-Driving. What do our readers think of the issue? Let us know below.

via Electrek

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