Andromeda OS had a “Productivity Mode”

Andromeda OS, the shell which was meant to drive Microsoft’s Surface-branded Telephone-like Device, still has lots of bits scattered through the latest versions of Windows 10.

Perrenial Microsoft watcher WalkingCat has uncovered some clues as to the nature of the OS, discovering references to an Andromeda Productivity Mode in SettingsHandler_Display.dll, part of the display settings system.

This item presumably relates to a mode change of the OS,  and the file gives another clue to the nature of the change.

WalkingCat notes the dll was used in a class called Multitaskmode, which suggests to me productivity mode may be a multi-window mode, vs a full-screen mode, much like tablet mode in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s hybrid tablet has reportedly been sent back to the drawing board for further refinement, so it is not clear if what we see now will still be relevant next year when the device may be released. This will presumably become clearer in later versions of Windows 10.