Google has been moving its primary music service from Google Play Music over to YouTube music for the past year.   The firm had been working to fill out its initially barely functional app with user-friendly features like Smart Playlists and Offline Music support.

Google is pre-installing the app in place of Google Play Music on Android 9 (Pie) and 10 devices now.  This means that YouTube Music will now take the place of GPM as the default music player, with a subscription a tap away.

Google has steadily been improving YouTube Music with features like its New Release Mix and its new Discover Playlist. By preinstalling it, the firm likely hopes Android’s widespread reach will help push higher adoption of the YouTube Music service.

Now, the latest change in YouTube Music version 3.39 is a handy widget, that lets users operate the basic music controls from the home screen of your launcher.

The 4×1 widget displays the basic song details and album art.  A nice little touch is how the colour of the box changes depending on the album art.

Google hopes that the small improvements being made will influence the public to voluntarily switch from the Google Play Music app over to YouTube Music, before they will become confluent.

Download the YouTube Music app here:

Source: xda-developers