Android Based Lumia Devices Coming With Nokia By Microsoft Branding


7, 2014

nl830 header

This is a big news! Reliable @evleaks today reported that Microsoft is now looking to release a Lumia device based on  Android. These devices will also be branded as ‘Nokia by Microsoft’. More details on these are not yet available. And we are not sure why Microsoft would want to do this when they have established Lumia as a Windows Phone brand. Microsoft is already selling Android (AOSP) based devices with the brand name ‘Nokia X’. Releasing a Lumia device based on Android(AOSP) will dilute the Windows Phone brand and may create confusion among the consumers.

Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex notes that these handsets may be more high end Android handsets, vs the the current low end offerings, saying:

Of note however is that evLeaks has been hoaxed at least 2 times in the last month, making it difficult to draw conclusions until we hear officially from Microsoft. What do you think of this rumored move from Microsoft?

Source: @evleaks

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