Ahead of its expected launch during Google I/O next month, Google has announced that the Android 13 beta is now available for everyone with a Google Pixel phone, not just developers. 

Featuring a number of new privacy tools that’ll help users keep their phones more private, Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, and a new photo picker, it’s needless to say that Android 13 is hotly anticipated by Android users who’re looking to get the most of their phones. Thankfully the wait to do just that is almost over. 

Rolling out first to those with Google Pixel devices, Android 13 isn’t just for developers to preview anymore, as now users can download the Preview SDK and tools from Google themselves right here, so long as they have a compatible device. 

With Android 13 still a number of months away from its official launch on other mobile devices users who download the first beta preview build are being encouraged to give plenty of feedback to developers and Google alike so the final release of the OS can hopefully all go smoothly.

Alongside the launch of the first beta, Google also offered up an updated timeline for Android 13 that indicates the final release of the mobile operating system will be sometime after July, following a few beta releases and platform stability fixes. 

Android 13 Timeline
Via: Google