Android 12 to bring new Extra Dim option

by Surur
April 26, 2021
extra dim

The Android 12 Developer Preview 3 has revealed a new “Extra Dim” screen brightness option to the operating system.

The option will dim the screen part the usual lowest brightness setting and is designed to make the screen more comfortable to read when you are using your phone in dark room before bed.

extra dim

Specifically, Google’s description of the feature notes:

About Extra dim
Make your screen dimmer so it’s more comfortable to read.

This can be helpful when:

  • Your phone’s default minimum brightness is still too bright
  • You’re using your phone in dark situations, like at night or in a dark room before bed

A shortcut to the feature can be added to the Quick Settings menu or volume dropdown¬† and it is possible to make this the default level of brightness by enabling the “Keep on after the device restarts toggle.”

The feature is of course in testing now and it is not known if this accessibility feature will make it to the final release, expected around the end of 2021.

via PhoneArena, Droid-life

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