Among Us is getting new roles and another map

June 10, 2021
Among Us

Inner Sloth has revealed a bunch of updates coming to Among Us including new roles, new colours, and a new map. 

You can tell that Inner Sloth had been working on a sequel to Among Us with all the features outlined in the roadmap which includes a completely new official game mode, Hide and Seek. 

While crafty players could approximate this mode through tweaking lobby settings, the 15 player lobbies on the roadmap are something entirely new. 

With five additional beans running around Among Us’ maps, you of course need new colours to tell them apart with, so Inner Sloth is adding coral, tan, rose, maroon, banana and grey as new colours, as well as introducing visor cosmetics. 

With five more players, you won’t all be vying for that elusive turn as the imposter, as on the roadmap are two new roles as well, the sheriff, and the scientist. The roadmap doesn’t give away what these roles can do, but they’ll undoubtedly shake up the gameplay with added jurisdiction and mechanics. 

As if that all wasn’t enough, the roadmap also revealed map five, although saying revealed is quite an overstatement, as the trailer only shows off a solitary asset. Despite not showing much, it is at least confirmation of a fifth map which is always nice. 

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There’s no release date for these updates yet, and they likely won’t all come together. But for fans of Among Us, there is plenty of reason to be excited. 

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