American banking apps are coming back with Windows 10 Mobile says Microsoft



Chase and Bank of America apps coming back to Windows 10 Mobile

Since the beginning of the year we have seen an efflux of mainly high profile American banking apps, including from Chase and Bank of America, from the Windows Phone Store. Most of the services cited low usage numbers, but we have always suspected there was more to it than that.

In an interview with Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist of Developer Experience Steven Guggenheimer revealed that Microsoft remained in close communication with the banks who withdrew their apps but that both Microsoft and the banks did not feel now was the right time to invest in Windows Phone apps given that Windows 10 was coming, and that the apps could unfortunately not be left un-updated due to regulatory issues. Steven noted that websites provided an adequate experience in the mean time, and that they will provide developers to help the banks create their new apps.

Steven did however promise that the apps will be returning with Windows 10, urging watchers to “have faith“, though we now know that the new OSĀ is likely to be at least half a year away.

Are our readers reassured by the news?

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