AMD Announces Radeon Pro Duo, World’s First Platform For VR Content Creation

radeon-pro-duo (Small)

AMD today revealed Radeon Pro Duo, the world’s most powerful platform for virtual reality (VR), capable of both creating and consuming VR content. With Radeon Pro Duo, you can enjoy astonishing 16 teraflops of compute performance and it fully supports the latest DirectX 12 experiences at maximum fidelity while off work.

AMD continues to solve major problems developers face by reducing latency and accelerating the VR pipeline through close collaboration with the content development community and with AMD LiquidVR™ technology. AMD’s next step in advancing VR is with the new AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo, an incredibly advanced and powerful dual-GPU board that delivers the horsepower needed by VR designers, content creators, and for VR content consumers.

“More powerful computing platforms are rapidly leading to greater immersive experiences, said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group, AMD. “This is most evident with VR which demands ever higher compute performance with rock solid consistency. Our new AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo with our LiquidVR™ SDK is the world’s fastest platform for both content creation and consumption1, enabling a world class graphics and VR experience.”

The AMD Radeon Pro Duo is planned for availability in early Q2 2016 at an anticipated price of $1499 USD.