Amazon’s Audible beta testing a new and improved Windows Phone app

audible audible2

Amazon’s Audible app for Windows Phone does not have the best reputation, often being slow, unreliable, losing placed and not even playing audiobooks back properly.

An example of the app’s performance would be this recent review:



It was also last updated November 2013, which is a pretty long time ago.

Now it appears Amazon is beta testing a new version of the app, and user reports are that it fixes much of the problems, with a tester writing:

Still early days but after about an hour of use it seems a lot of the old problems are gone. No playback issues on my Lumia 930, audio ducking works again for calls (pauses while on a call). It hasn’t lost my playback position yet either.

The store integration is much better too.

We do not know when the new app will hit the market, but hopefully as Windows Phone users approach 100 million strong we will see better maintenance and delivery of apps by large companies.