Amazon once again beats Apple and Google to become the most valuable brand in the world


23, 2020

Like every year, Brand Finance has released its world’s 500 most valuable brands across all sectors and countries. Amazon has once again become the most valuable brand in the world with a record US$220 billion brand value mark, a solid 18% growth from US$187.9 billion last year. Google was the second most valuable brand followed by Apple at third position. Microsoft remained at 4th position with a $117 billion brand value. The bad news is that Microsoft’s brand value went down when compared to last year.

“The disrupter of the entire retail ecosystem, the brand that boasts the highest brand value ever, Amazon continues to impress across imperishable consumer truths: value, convenience, and choice. Today, Amazon’s situation seems more than comfortable, but what will the roaring twenties hold in store?,” commented David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance.

Source: Brand Finance

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