All Samsung Galaxy Note 9 secrets revealed in leaked review

While we patiently wait for the launch of Galaxy Note 9, Russian tech reporter Eldar Murtazin revealed the phone in an unboxing and review video. Samsung is scheduled to announce the device on August 9th in New York but Eldar got his hands-on the device a month early.

Murtazin says he had the opportunity to see the device and to evaluate the hardware on a recent trip to the USA. Moreover, he also shared some of the key hardware and software aspects of the device. You can head below to take a look at what’s new in the Galaxy Note 9:

Murtazin noted that the overall performance of the device is amazing. However, Samsung does disappoint in few key areas like no in-display fingerprint sensor. Samsung is rumoured to be working on Galaxy S10 as well so we can hope some of the new features to be added to the S10 as well. The pricing of Galaxy Note 9 will be a key for Samsung. Murtazin notes that Samsung is now targeting the business user, and will not be aiming the device as the wider consumer anymore, which suggests much higher prices. However, we will have to wait till 9th August to know more about the device.

Source: Mobile Review; Via: T3; Forbes

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