Alan Wake reappears on the Xbox Marketplace

Update: Alan Wake is available for purchase again on the Xbox Marketplace.

This week has been shocking to say the least. We thought that Mass Effect’s hiatus and Square Enix’s focus on “games as a service” would be it but it isn’t. Today, Remedy Entertainment announced that Alan Wake would be removed from all digital storefronts, including the Xbox Marketplace. Now, we’ll give you some time to gasp in disbelief. Done? Well, there’s an issue with the music rights and licensing.

This is one of the reasons why many games have been delisted recently and Alan Wake is the latest casualty. The good news is that you can keep on playing it if you already own the digital copy. So, before the game is removed, be sure to purchase it as Alan Wake is one of the best experience on Xbox 360 (backward compatible on Xbox One). You can still buy it on a disc though. I guess there will always be a place for physical media in the industry because digital distribution methods are fickle.

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