AI for PR Agencies: 10 Essential Tools for 2024

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ai for pr agencies

Looking for the best AI tools for PR agencies? When AI is influencing all business sectors, public relations is no exception.

Artificial intelligence can automate all sorts of operations and make PR communication and activities more effective.

If you need a tool for your PR organization or team, this article covers it all.

Best AI Tools for PR Agencies

1. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a top-notch AI tool for PR agencies. It works as a social media tool that tracks conversations about brands.

The advanced AI analyzes these online conversations to provide valuable insights into public perception as well as media presence. It works with Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

The artificial intelligence of Brandwatch helps you create a content strategy to engage with customers and clients in a better way.

It helps you explore more effective ways to engage with people across various platforms. And its ability to sentiment analysis makes it a perfect PR solution.

1. Offers advanced media monitoring1. Can be complex for new users
2. Can analyze sentiment2. Expensive
3. Can be integrated with many tools
4. Helps to create PR content strategy

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2. Jasper

jasper ai

Jasper is a very valuable smart AI tool that fits well with any PR agency. The ability to create and optimize content has made it a top choice for marketing professionals.

The NLP algorithms can detect user intent and sentiment and help a professional create more engaging content for any campaign. Jasper is not just an AI co-pilot for an agency but also a complete solution.

Its main features can be categorized into four parts: Company Knowledge, Team Acceleration, AI-assisted content, Analytics, & Insights.

You can set a tone and style suitable for any brand, create awesome content, manage PR projects, collaborate, customize, and improve your strategy for deep analytics and actionable insights.

My experience with it was pretty positive and I enjoyed how streamlined the content creation process is.

1. Effortless content generation1. Pricey if you need advanced features
2. Can detect intent accurately2. In some cases, it may require a lot of input to get better content
3. Solid analytics

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3. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is more known as an AI chatbot. However, PR professionals can get great results with it too, especially when using the GTP-4 version.

This tool can come in handy for answering questions and creating meaningful content, researching, and brainstorming ideas to suggest alternative options on specific cases.

For paid users, it can even generate images powered by DALL-E that can be used for PR campaigns. By creating your own custom GPT, you can also tweak the bot for your specific needs.

I regularly use ChatGPT for many tasks, including some PR-related ones. The versatility of the tool makes it super useful for all sorts of tasks.

1. Can work for many purposes1. Has privacy concerns
2. Custom GPTs can save a lot of time2. The knowledge base of ChatGPT is limited to pre-2022
3. Can suggest alternatives to your operations
4. Can conduct research

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For PR agencies, is another excellent AI-powered content generation tool. It helps create compelling copy for various PR needs.

From blog content, email marketing, and translation to social media campaigns, this tool can help you with its deep ability.

It offers a wide range of templates for different types of content that include product descriptions, engaging emails, video scripts, blog outlines, etc. Additionally, it has tools for team collaboration and SEO.

To be more fit for an agency, it also offers integrations with Slack, Google Docs, WordPress, etc. The UI is also very friendly.

Overall, is an excellent choice for PR agencies that need a lot of engaging content of different types.

1. Various useful templates1. Outputs may not be up to the mark sometimes
2. Very friendly interface2. Not very suitable when it’s a very complex writing task
3. Works with Slack, Google Docs, WordPress

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5. Midjourney

Midjourney Discord interface

If your agency needs an AI-based tool to create specific types of images for PR campaigns, Midjoruney is here. It is one of the most powerful AI-image generator tools.

Its text-to-image, image-to-image generation capability is superb. You can use it through Discord so sharing it with your team is easy.

It’s a great fit for creating conceptual images for any PR campaign. I have used it many times for all sorts of purposes, and I’m always amazed by the realistic results

1. Text-to-image and image-to-image generation1. Outpurs are not always accurate
2. Very powerful AI2. May have copyright issues
3. Can visualize anything in a creative way
4. Cheap

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6. Synthesia


Synthesia is a very powerful and one of the best AI tools for PR agencies. Its text-to-video creation ability can serve many purposes for your PR team.

This artificial intelligence-based software can save you time and money on cameras, editors, and actors. Its advanced algorithm can generate speech in 120+ different languages and accents and create videos with 160+ different AI avatars.

These avatars look like real humans. If you don’t know where to start, its 60+ pre-designed video templates can generate the video you need quickly. The best part is it allows you to create your own avatar.

In most cases, it’s used for customer service. However, PR agencies, marketing teams, and other professionals can also take advantage of its capabilities.

My experience with Synthesia is quite good. It’s very easy to use and can create very high-quality videos quickly.

1. Affordable video production1. Less control over your videos
2. Supports 120+ languages2. Needs accurate inputs to get better results
3. Wide range of AI avatar
4. Custom avatar and text-to-speech

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7. Pitchbox


For PR agencies that need to reach out a lot, Pitchbox can be a handy tool. This AI software is designed for influencer outreach and link building.

The deep AI algorithm can find and engage with the right people effectively. You can set what you need and Pitchbox will find influencers in your niche instantly.

Besides, this platform supports integration with tools like Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs, LRT, etc. You can save a ton of time by avoiding manual input for each outreach email.

Advanced tracking and reporting help to make data-driven decisions – crucial for any PR agency.

1. Can manage multiple campaigns from one place1. The user interface could be more friendly
2. Effective automation2. High price tag
3. Efficient tracking of outreach
4. Works great for linkbuilding and SEO

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8. Cision Communications Cloud

Cision Communication Cloud

Cision Communications Cloud is an AI-based PR software platform and marketing solution. It’s a very helpful product, especially for large organizations.

This all-in-one PR tool offers media monitoring, distribution, analysis, content production, media relationship management, investor relations tools, and many more features.

For any large PR agency, it works as a complete solution for any type of campaign. The main advantage is it reduces the necessity of having multiple tools for a campaign.

1. Large media database1. Costly
2. Works great for a large organization needing extensive PR-related things2. Can be complex due to the interface for new users
3. Media monitoring and relationship management
4. Works for any type of campaigns

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9. Canva


Canva has all the AI tools for your PR agency’s graphical needs. From creating an infographic image to an ad banner, it can serve all your needs. It also offers a lot of pre-designed templates to speed up the process.

Canva can also create presentations, promotional videos, PDF documents, etc. Mentioning all its capabilities would require a separate article – the tool offers countless big and micro features.

The Magic Design is its most powerful AI tool. Even though it’s in beta right now, it still works great. You can upload your own media, and Magic Design will come up with stunning templates and outputs based on it.

Like Midjourney, it has also started offering text-to-image generation. I use Canva almost every day. For a PR agency or individual, Canva can be a great tool for any type of campaign.

1. Very easy to use1. Some AI features are still in beta
2. Can produce almost all types of graphical content2. The free version is very limited
3. Has many pre-designed templates
4. Affordable

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10. Grammarly


For bloggers, authors, marketers, and PR professionals, Grammarly is an excellent software and AI-writing assistant. It offers plans for both individuals and teams.

As a result, if your PR agency needs to create a lot of content and requires proofreading, plagiarism checking, and refinding PR content, Grammarly is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools. Unlike other similar tools, its grammar suggestions are very accurate.

You can set custom goals while writing. Grammarly will suggest the most appropriate words for your domain. Recently, generative AI has become a considerable part of this tool.

So, you can consider this for your public relations agency to ensure better clarity, accuracy, and engagement in written PR communications.

1. Very accurate grammar correcting1. It doesn’t work on well some platforms
2. Easy to use2. The free version is very basic
3. You can set goals for your content

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I followed strict criteria to give you the best AI tools for PR agencies:

  • Usefulness: The first and most crucial aspect is usefulness and effectiveness. All the tools I offered excel in this area.
  • Features: I also checked if the software has the necessary features suitable for PR professionals and agencies or not.
  • AI power: The ability to utilize AI is a must-have for any AI-based PR tool. So, I also checked the AI capability for any particular software before making this list.
  • Cost: Every penny matters when you purchase a service or software for your PR-related work. So, I took cost as an important factor.
  • User-friendliness: I also paid attention to user-friendliness. More intuitive software got a better position in my list of best AI tools for PR agencies.

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Benefits of Using AI for PR

Here are the main benefits of AI for PR:

  • Reducing manual research: For PR-related tasks, you may need to do a lot of research. Particularly analyzing brand trends, finding influencers of specific niches, etc. AI can do this automatically, which drastically reduces manual work.
  • Better content strategy: By understanding your intent and analyzing the sentiment, deep AI algorithms can suggest many smart solutions help to create a better content strategy.
  • Improved content quality: AI has a significant impact on optimizing your written content related to PR work.

And there you have it – the best AI tools for PR and all the great ways they can help your communications, outreach, brand image, and more.

If you have experience with one or more products featured above, feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below.

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