Best Custom GPTs: 90+ Picks in 2024

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best Custom GPTs

Looking for the best Custom GPTs? This means you know the new possibilities that opened up with this update. The tricky part is finding reliable and easy-to-use customizations that can genuinely make a difference.

Since I’m actively testing new and useful Custom GPTs, I decided to help you. I also wrote a helpful tutorial for those who want to create them!

Best Custom GPTs

I’ve divided the list into 19 categories you can pick based on your interests.

Disclaimer: Most of the GPTs listed on this page are made by OpenAI community users. The list also includes some developed by Chat GPT.


Looking for a way to improve your writing? Do you want to delegate it to a chatbot completely? Or maybe you need an objective writing mentor?

Write For Me

Write For Me best Custom GPTs

The content length is one of the biggest problems with using standard ChatGPT for writing. Often, you get a completely different word count than the one requested.

With Write For Me, you’ll always get (almost) the exact word count you’re after. Combined with better quality and relevance compared to ChatGPT, it’s a chatbot that produces fantastic content.

AI Ghostwriter

AI Ghostwriter is specialized in writing stories and poetry. It does excellent work in developing characters, thus creating complete pieces ready for publishing.

What I like about this is that it incorporates supportive language that encourages users’ creativity.

Innovative Writing Mentor

If you have a passion for writing and don’t plan on letting it go, you must check this out. Unlike many other AI generators, Innovative Writing Mentor supports users by providing writing advice.

This might be an ideal combination of individual uniqueness and support AI offers.

All-around Writer (Professional Version)

Many writers focus on being the best in one type of content so they can push it to perfection. However, the market often requires mixing and combining different elements in your pieces.

This is when a Custom GPT like All-around Writer comes in handy! It offers an optimized structure for any content type (blog posts, essays, novels, copies, etc.)

Creative Writing Coach

Even after the global AI-generated content hype, writers struggle with receiving structured feedback from editors. Created by ChatGPT, Creative Writing Coach covers this aspect pretty well.

Besides the potential for general feedback, you can also get an overview of clarity, characters, or anything else.

Marketing and SEO

Bringing marketing for your business to the next level can be tricky. You’ll need all the support you can get, especially regarding Search Engine Optimization.

Marketer GPT Pro

Marketer GPT Pro best Custom GPTs

Before you get all busy with specific tasks, it’s good to zoom out for a moment. Marketer GPT Pro supports you in outlining a complete marketing strategy for your brand.

Together with the possibility of narrowing down market analysis and trends, it can be a precious resource.

Cold Pro AI

All of you who wrote a cold email know how challenging it can be. Take advantage of Custom GPT, which relies on proven strategies for generating sales.

There’s also support for writing marketing copies to target your campaigns to a broader audience.

Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ’s

Crafting optimized articles isn’t an easy task. However, this Custom GPT is pretty good at it! Efficiency is on a high level since the only thing the user has to provide is a keyword.

The output will contain headings, a conclusion, and an FAQ section. Paragraphs are short and understandable, as is the language used within them.

M.A.I. Marketing Artificial Intelligence

M.A.I. is another Custom GPT for creating a detailed marketing structure for a product or service. You don’t have to waste time explaining it. Provide a link to your website, and AI will check it for you!

This also seems like a great way to understand competitors’ marketing strategy…


On-page SEO plays a huge role in ranking your website high on SERP. Reach those higher positions by following the advice you’ll get after this Custom GPT analyzes your website.

Image Generation

A lot has changed when it comes to visualizing content. Although stock images are still prevalent, the rise in quality of AI-generated images can also be harnessed through Custom GPTs.


Dall E best Custom GPTs

Did you know that the popular AI image generator can now be used as a Custom GPT? Interacting with the latest version of the image generation model (developed by OpenAI) was never easier.

Image Generator

A common problem with image generators is that they can fail to deliver complex outputs. In that case, you can first describe your idea to this Custom GPT.

Image Generator also works based on DALL·E, but it’s slightly more optimized for visualization and creativity.

Image Edit, Copying & Merge

This Custom GPT is developed by another popular AI image generation platform, Neural Love. You can use several modes: Copy, Edit, Merge, and Style transfer.

The uniqueness of it is that it preserves the details from the original image, which is often a problem with AI generators.

Cartoonize Yourself

Turning a photo of someone to a Pixar character was never easier! Drop the photo in the chat with Cartoonize Yourself, and get a high-quality illustration.

Photo Multiverse

Get a stylized image of a person anywhere. After you upload the photo to Photo Multiverse, it’ll process it and ask you what you want for the background.

Although you can choose between illustration or photo-realistic mode, the output won’t be so realistic.


While the initial hype around ChatGPT was at its peak, many IDEs started integrating code-writing assistants. However, with Custom GPTs, anybody can use a dedicated environment for various coding tasks.

Coding Assistant

Coding Assistant best Custom GPTs

This is another Custom GPT developed by OpenAI. Unlike ChatGPT, Coding Assistant performs an in-depth analysis of the code the user is (co)creating.

There’s also improvement in knowledge about specific languages and frameworks, thanks to the dataset it was trained on. Overall, the experience is more interactive, and the result is better.

Code Faster

Annoyed by the amount of comments ChatGPT produces when you ask to write the code? You’ll like this one! Code Faster is focused on delivering the code user requests without providing a detailed explanation of every step.

This is very useful, but only if you know what you’re going for.

Code Tutor

If you’re a beginner and want a guided journey in coding, check out Code Tutor. It doesn’t instantly solve your problems but instead directs you towards it.

This approach combines educational elements with vast knowledge this Custom GPT is trained on.

Coding Quizmaster

Preparing for a job interview? Coding Quizmaster might help you land that next developer position. It’s optimized for creating quiz questions about various coding segments.

You can choose different knowledge levels and areas. Alternatively, allow Coding Quizmaster to design it based on you.

iOS App Creation Assistant

Want to get into iOS app development? Get a head start using a Custom GPT, which can guide you from the basics to code writing.

You can use automated code writing even if you’re an experienced developer.


There are genuinely many elements to consider when building a presentation, including textual and graphical elements, attention span, and exposure. That’s why you should check these awesome Custom GPTs for presentations.


Canva best Custom GPTs

One of the well-known platforms for presentation making and other graphical tasks also has a Custom GPT! This lets you use templates and other elements from a familiar interface.

If you’re already a Canva user, you’ll probably use it from its environment. However, if you don’t know what you want to achieve with the presentation, I recommend Canva Custom GPT.

AI Diagram Designer

There’s no better way to level up your presentations than by using extraordinary graphics. However, these should include valuable information, so use diagrams or mind maps instead of photos.

AI Diagram Designer allows you to create these and many other charts based on the raw data you provide.

Smart Slides

You’d surely like an expert in chart analysis on your team, right? If they also knew a thing or two about presentation design, it’d be awesome, correct? Smart Slides is a Custom GPT that does it both!

Unlike many other solutions on the list, the downside is that Smart Slides requires an account. In other words, the company is using Custom GPT to streamline its central platform.

PowerPoint Optimizer

If you’re using PowerPoint, you can use this Custom GPT alongside it. It’ll give advice on the content and exposure your presentation gets.

Let’s not forget that presentations are only one part. The person presenting is equally essential. PowerPoint Optimizer bridges this gap and allows further optimizations based on your goals.


Designing a logo, an artwork, or a process requires understanding many variables. Getting the needed support from any resource is always beneficial, especially if they’re automatized like Custom GPTs trained for design.

Logo Creator

Logo Creator best Custom GPTs

So much has changed when it comes to creating brand identity. One thing sticks, though: Every brand needs a logo. Logo Creator allows you to generate unique logos based on your provided context.

There are several mandatory settings that you can tweak alongside the raw information you provide.

ART Muse

If your field of interest is related to art, you must include ART Muse in your virtual resource box. It can provide valuable advice in overcoming creativity blocks and point you toward useful resources.

Like any other Custom GPT, it’s excellent for building context. This is a big deal if you need an art mentor.

UX/UI Designer

Design isn’t only about what we see. It’s mostly what we feel while interacting with a product or service. The UX/UI Designer creators know that, so they developed a Custom GPT for “Roasting web and SaaS.”

Give it a shot if you need a design consultant specializing in UX and UI.

Master Design Thinker

Design thinking is a framework to generate innovative solutions. Somebody decided to train a Custom GPT on this dataset, which resulted in the Master Design Thinker.

It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced in the specific framework. You can quickly get on top of your design processes and optimize them for the better.

Visual Designer

Another great customization coming directly from ChatGPT allows users to visualize assets. The Visual Designer goes hand in hand with Custom GPTs for presentations. It’s oriented towards understanding the context and requirements often needed in those formats.


One of the most valuable assets global companies hold is data. Like the internet revolutionized data research in the 20th century, AI is on its way to doing the same in the age in which we live.


Consensus best Custom GPTs

Consensus holds one of the biggest repositories of academic papers and science-based data. Its team recently implemented a Custom GPT, which allows you to chat with the engine holding 200 million items.

Whether you’re collecting data for a quiz you’re organizing or working on a big project, getting accurate scientific citations fast is golden.

AutoExpert (Academic)

If you want complete control over the sources of information, use AutoExpert. You can upload a PDF in the chat with this Custom GPT and ask it for feedback, such as methodology analysis.

AutoExpert can also critically observe your work and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.


Research isn’t only about numbers and statistics. Knowing legal matters is essential, and having a Custom GPT trained on legal documentation and previous cases can be significant.

Don’t cancel the contract with your lawyer just yet… LegalGPT is meant to be used by legal experts.


If you’re studying, you must know how strict some professors are with citations. However, if you use reliable sources, nobody can dismiss the data you’re presenting.

Use ScholarAI to generate new analyses or scan the existing ones.

AutoGPT Agent

This Custom GPT helps you in conducting research strategically. Although not focused on scientific papers, it can be valuable in researching a specific market.

It’s also helpful in drafting strategies based on the conducted research.

Sales and Customer Service

Driving new clients into your business and maintaining relationships with the existing ones is difficult. So many things can go wrong, so I strongly recommend you check out the support you can get from Custom GPTs listed below.

Sales Cold Email Coach

Sales Cold Email Coach best Custom GPTs

Do you know what’s better than AI that can write cold emails? The AI that can teach you how to write cold emails!

The purpose of Sales Cold Email Coach is to support the user in writing pieces that convert. You can also use this Custom GPT to write them instead of you. However, the results will be so much better if you’re the one setting the context.

Roast My Landing Page

If you’re using landing pages to funnel your prospects, use this Custom GPT to get valuable feedback. Instead of going back and forth with the potential content you’ll include, provide the URL to the LP.

Don’t get discouraged if the chatbot is too critical. Use the feedback to your advantage and ask for actionable advice.

Prompt generator for business chatbot

Do you rely on a chatbot to streamline communication with clients and prospects? It’s a great way to optimize this part of CRM, but there are flaws in this model.

These often reflect poorly written and formatted messages. This Custom GPT can help you optimize your business chatbot’s outputs to the users.


Everyone in sales is familiar with the famous line from the movie. SellMeThisPen isn’t about selling pens (or anything else) in person but online.

If you’re working with second-hand items, use this Custom GPT to optimize their descriptions.

The Negotiator

New in sales? Maybe you have a new member of your sales team? Or are you simply leading the recruitment process?

Whatever the case, I recommend using The Negotiator to evaluate and improve needed skills. This CustomGPT is the best negotiating resource and mentor in one.


Much was said about the negative effects ChatGPT had on the global education system. However, with Custom GPTs, students can leverage the power of AI to learn, not only write with AI.

CK-12 Flexi

CK-12 Flexi best Custom GPTs

Starting with a Custom GPT, which supports middle or high school students. It’s trained to provide relevant lectures in various fields, like math and science.

CK-12 Flexi can also create quizzes, provide explanations, and support learning.

Language Coach

Students aren’t the only ones with the privilege of learning. Anybody using a Custom GPT, like Language Coach, can improve their skills. Specifically, this one is focused on language learning coaching.

If you’re using ChatGPT voice (available in the mobile app), you can practice your pronunciation.

Lesson Planner

Besides the students, the educational system usually requires teachers. Lesson Planner is a Custom GPT that supports English language lesson planning.

This can also be an excellent addition for any teacher looking for innovations in assessing students’ skills.

Study Buddy

As the middleman between students and teachers, Study Buddy supports simplifying complex topics. It’s tailored to general students’ needs while still providing personalized support.

Users can upload files and ask for a file analysis.

Quantum Mentor

Bringing simplicity to complicated topics is a field in which ChatGPT has excelled from its early days. Quantum Mentor is an excellent example of that.

This Custom GPT avoids overly technical language. At the same time, it delivers assistance and support for grasping a field like quantum computing.


Everyone has their own pace with which they move in their personal and professional lives. The truth is that higher productivity usually comes with higher rewards. Let’s check how Custom GPTs can help us!

Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect best Custom GPTs

Before we increase productivity with anything else, let’s improve it when interacting with AI. Prompt Perfect polishes your raw requests and makes them suitable for any Custom GPT.

Getting Things Done GPT

Have you ever dreamed about having a personal productivity assistant? This Custom GPT relies on the GTD (Getting Things Done) principles, which are proven and show real effect.

Your new assistant can help you organize tasks, set goals, and manage your time.

Business Secretary

The next level of AI assistance in productivity is a personal secretary. Meet Lilia, an AI persona handling time management, Excel formulas, and productivity tools.

Lilia presents as a “virtual personal assistant with a fun and flirty twist.” This is a clear signal for me that this Custom GPT was trained to be personal.

AI Product Manager

You’ll like this one if you’re working in a team and often have to prioritize tasks, plan, and improve. AI Product Manager can’t replace a PM in your team but can bring clarity.

This one has potential if the user is new in PM and wants to learn while they work.

Startup Mentor

On the other hand, many decide to go on the path of startups. This journey can be very lonely, so any support is much appreciated, especially if it’s coming from Elon Musk or Sam Altman.

You can use Startup Mentor, a Custom GPT backed by the knowledge of famous billionaires.


Good financial advice is rare and extremely valuable. Many GPT enthusiasts gave their shot at building a Custom GPT for finances. Let’s see what they have!

Finance Wizard

Finance Wizard best Custom GPTs

Predicting the direction in which the stock market will move requires much knowledge. Finance Wizard promises various outputs related to stocks, options, crypto, and other popular financial topics.

Users can choose between predictions, comparative predictions, or even read AI-generated deep analysis. This Custom GPT is probably the most complete solution for this use case (at the moment.)

Personal Finance

Even if you’re not yet seeking investment opportunities, you can still benefit from Custom GPT for finance. Personal Finance can help you develop your financial plan.

If you’re after some quick and decent guidance, this Custom GPT has much to offer.

Finance Educator

If you’re interested in finance as a file, you must check out this Custom GPT. It’ll become your best virtual friend and a coach in the field.

For beginners, it’s always beneficial to go through concepts in investing and understand stock market trends.

Debt Payoff Planner

Some don’t care much about finances, and at some point, they have debt-related issues. This Custom GPT is designed precisely for this target group.

Use it to plan your budget and build your way out of debt. Debt Payoff Planner will advise you, but the hard work and discipline are still on you.


Technology is finding its way to all pores of our lives, and agriculture is excluded. Check out these fantastic ways Custom GPTs can help you in agricultural ventures.


Planty best Custom GPTs

Coming directly from the ChatGPT team, Planty is a Custom GPT that helps you care for your plants. It handles choosing the proper lighting or watering method.

You can also catch pest problems before they take over the future of your plants. You can even use Planty to create a garden plan to bring some structure to your agricultural work.

Agriculture Mentor

Suppose you’re after practical advice on improving soil health or organic pest control. In that case, you’ll love this Custom GPT.

Agriculture Mentor provides actionable tips to improve the efficiency of your agricultural work.

Soil Sage

Focused only on improving the soil for your farm or garden, Soil Sage provides valuable support. It relies on regenerative agriculture practices and animal management.

You can take care of the entire ecosystem with the support of this Custom GPT. Don’t forget to check out all of the educational potential it holds.

Smart Farming

Are you thinking about integrating technology into your farming ventures? Smart Farming can provide you support with big data, IoT, and other relevant technologies that have the potential to modernize your farm.

Chicken Farming Expert

If your main point of business is related to chickens, check out Chicken Farming Expert. This Custom GPT smoothly blends expertise about chickens with an accessible and supportive approach.

It handles it all! From taking care of your chickens’ health to developing new marketing approaches.

Personal Development

Improving your soft skills can help your life in various segments. These are Custom GPTs that support personal development from several different angles.

Executive Coaching online

Executive Coaching online best Custom GPTs

Coaching is the process that focuses on “here and now.” Executive Coaching online helps users achieve just this by encouraging leadership and ambitious goals.

This Custom GPT is specifically trained to recognize human emotions. It can even show signs of empathy, much better than the standard ChatGPT can.

Adult – AI Psychologist / Therapist

Although digitalization brought many global problems, some Custom GPTs aim to balance them. This one achieves this goal by answering mental and emotional health questions.

Manage your stress better or use the help of the AI Psychologist / Therapist to develop better coping strategies.

Epic Life: “Perfect Coach”

This AI coach differs from others since it’s trained on materials and coaching techniques by Chris Howard. The approach is similar to the one we can find in DuoLingo. Invest 5-10 minutes daily and develop long-lasting results.

Interview Wizard GPT

Are you preparing for an interview, and although you’re confident in your technical knowledge, are you still stressed? This Custom GPT can help you fine-tune your interviewing skills.

There are also features to analyze a CV or even give you personalized advice.

Career Coach

Although this one is on a thin line between personal and professional life, it’s worth mentioning. Use Career Coach to improve soft skills needed for a specific role or adjust your attitude in the given industry.

It does a great job of giving you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.


In the dynamic world where people often shift their focus and careers, parenting remains one of the longest-lasting commitments. Let’s discover what Custom GPTs are the most suitable to support parents.

Parenting Partner

Parenting Partner best Custom GPTs

The Parenting Partner can potentially replace many parents’ common habit – Googling. Parents benefit from context-related answers this Custom GPT provides and get creative yet objective support.

Discover a new parenting strategy or share your problem with the Parenting Partner.

Baby Answers

Seeing a baby puts a smile on most of the people. We evolved to act friendly and supportive towards them, and this Custom GPT was thought to do the same.

If you need an answer related to your baby’s health, behaviors, or habits, consult Baby Answers.

Baby Name Generator

If you’re having a dilemma about your baby’s name, try this Custom GPT that considers cultural knowledge. This makes it a universal helper in naming your baby!

Modern Parenting Expert

Parenting is evolving together with all other trends in the modern world. Finding ways to encourage kids’ curiosity and deal with mood swings can be tricky.

Modern Parenting Expert is a Custom GPT that can support you throughout this process. Use it to find tactics adequate for the time we live in.

Coloring Book Hero

Although it doesn’t provide parenting advice, this Custom GPT found its way on this list due to its great potential. Give your kids a break from technology and engage them in a fun hobby of coloring books designed specifically for them.


The fashion industry always seeks innovations and new styles. Getting the inspiration was never easier, now that Custom GPTs for fashion stand for an unlimited source of creativity.

The Stylist

The Stylist best Custom GPTs

The Stylist is a versatile Custom GPT that can help you choose your ideal style. You can replicate a celebrity’s style or get some help preparing for an upcoming event.

Do you have a photo of a dress or shoes you like but can’t find them? Provide the image to The Stylist. Soon, you’ll get a link for the clothing item you’re after.

Outfit Her

This Custom GPT is optimized to identify the best outfits for her. As an idea, you can use it to get inspired for the outfit for your next date or a business meeting. It’s that adjustable!

Outfit Him

Similarly to the previous suggestion, Outfit Him assists in choosing the ideal style for the occasion. It also touches on professional appearance, as this Custom GPT can help you prepare for your following interview (regarding the style.)

Sustainable Fashion Creator

Many fashion companies are paying more attention to the sustainability of their products. That’s why it isn’t surprising that a Custom GPT already helps users choose sustainable clothing items.

You can also generate fashion designs that include sustainable materials.

AI Fashion Designer & Trends Oracle

You’ll love this one if you’re already active on the other side of the fashion industry. This Custom GPT supports fashion designers by generating trends, materials, and style suggestions.

It’s also an excellent pick for fashion designers and students in related fields.


Check out how you can improve your cooking, eat healthier, and make exquisite food with the support of AI.

ChefBot GPT

ChefBot GPT best Custom GPTs

Imagine having someone like Jamie Oliver available to text with 24/7. Stop imagining it, and start using ChefBot GPT because it can help you with standard and adventurous recipes.

You can build the whole culinary journey by providing your input about food preferences, dietary needs, and other requirements.

Healthy Chef

Working on a better diet and healthier lifestyle? The recipes you use to cook food matter a lot in this case. Healthy Chef is there to support you by providing visuals and nutritional insights.

If you have random ingredients, check how to combine them into the healthiest dish possible.

10 Min Chef

For the ones who don’t cook often, under the excuse that they don’t have time, I suggest 10 Min Chef. This Custom GPT helps you turn available ingredients and quick preparation into tasty meals.

Diet Helper – Healthy Meal and Food Planner

If you’re watching your diet but consider yourself a gourmand, use Diet Helper. It can help you transform otherwise unhealthy meals into their healthy equivalents.

This also works if you’re a vegan or vegetarian looking for diverse meal options.

Bad Recipe

I’ll drop this one to put the cherry on top of the Custom GPTs for the recipes list. I promise Bad Recipe is better than it sounds!

Use cases are up to you, but as a hint, you can use them to prank someone or discover a recipe that nobody thought would work.


Instead of relying on the overpriced and often low-quality service travel agencies provide, you can become a self-organized traveler. Of course, you’ll need some resources, and Custom GPTs for traveling can be your first pick.


VacationGPT best Custom GPTs

VacationGPT is a universal traveling assistant for destinations and activities. You can plan a weekend up to the most minor details in your favorite city or organize your next business trip.

This CustomGPT can help you if you’re organizing complex multi-city trips, but it’s also useful for adventurous travelers who don’t need much structure.


Booking high-end trips can be tricky since you don’t always get more if you pay more. Baxter is a Custom GPT that can assist you in locating genuinely luxurious hotels and resorts globally.

It can also help you negotiate additional perks and “secret” offers with travel companies.


If your budget is tight, I’d recommend Voyager for organizing budget trips. You can search your interests by region or explain what you want to get the most budget-friendly option.

Voyager has access to real-time data and can help you find cheap flights that fit your plans.

Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy can support you in organizing travel itineraries across the globe.

The best thing is that this Custom GPT will stay available as long as you have internet access. Even if plans change, you can always ask for additional support and get the best possible offer for the time being.


I already mentioned some AIs that can help your health, but there are many more! Follow along the list below and discover how you can benefit from Custom GPTs for health.

Information and advice you receive from Custom GPTs can’t replace a doctor’s visit.

AI PreDoc

AI PreDoc best Custom GPTs

If you’re experiencing pain and inconvenience but are unsure if you should visit a doctor, you can always double-check with AI PreDoc. It’s a Custom GPT trained to give accurate guesses about health based on your symptoms.

You can start with vague symptoms and then narrow them down.

Doctor AI

Doctor AI is another CustomGPT that can provide you with a second opinion or assistance in health evaluation. You can also interact as a doctor, potentially making it useful for medical workers.

Clinical Medicine Handbook

This one is specialized only for doctors. It has the potential to help them with exploring medical research and patient education materials.

There’s also an option to list and clarify patient treatment options.

Fitness Coach by Fitify™

Fitness Coach seems like a great fit for those actively caring for their health. It acts preventively, unlike the other Custom GPTs from the health category.

Use it to organize your workout routine, improve sleep quality, or work on motivation for the next visit to your favorite fitness center.


It’s time to have some fun!

Game Time

Game time best Custom GPTs

Do you know the situation when a diverse group wants to play a board or card game? Explaining the rules, options, and other elements takes some time.

This is the moment when this Custom GPT jumps in! Game Time can effectively describe the rules and other needed details to any group of players.


Looking for a trail for your next hiking trip? Or do you want to learn more about trails close by so you can consider them for future visits?

Whatever the case is, AllTrails is a Custom GPT that can show you hiking trails and provide all the necessary information about them.

Tattoo GPT

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Usually, it’s a long-term decision, so getting ideas and input from various points is essential.

One of those points can be Tattoo GPT, a Custom GPT that designs, refines, and visualizes tattoos. You can also use it to find artists in the area or get advice regarding your (future) tattoo.

Cosmic Dream

Visualizing user input became very important in the months behind us. That’s why the ChatGPT team developed Cosmic Dream, a Custom GPT to visualize the “symphony of surreal dreams.”

It’s different from DALL·E since it doesn’t create precision and structure but focuses on psychedelic imagination powered by AI.

Drifter in Paradise

Lastly, if you want to have some fun directly in a Custom GPT and are a fan of text game adventures, Drifter in Paradise won’t disappoint you.

You can choose a suitable scenario and get started with a narrative-supported story.

How To Create a Custom GPT?

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Or do you want to create a tailored-made Custom GPT for your business or personal use? I’ve got you covered.

Important: You must have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription to create and use Custom GPTs.

For this tutorial, I’ll create a chatbot that coaches young people about their career decisions.

  1. Head to ChatGPT and log in to your OpenAI account (if necessary).
  2. Click on the Explore GPTs button from the left sidebar.
    ChatGPT Explore GPTs
  3. Click on the Create button in the top right corner.
    Create Custom GPT
  4. Switch to the Configure tab.
    Configure Custom GPT
  5. Change the name and description of your Custom GPT.
    Name Description CustomGPT
  6. Provide instructions.
    This one is important. I suggest you open it in fullscreen.
    Instructions for CustomGPT
  7. Provide some conversation starters to break the ice easily.
    Up to 4 are visible. Keep them short and simple. Add emojis for additional effect.
    Conversation starters Custom GPT
  8. Upload files that include knowledge your Custom GPT should be aware of.
    This step sets apart a good and bad chatbot.
    Upload files Custom GPT
  9. You can toggle on or off the capabilities listed below.
    I don’t need any for my Custom GPT.
    Capabilities Custom GPT
  10. (Optional) Under Additional settings, you can share conversation data to improve the OpenAI model.
    By default, it’s enabled.
    Share data OpenAI
  11. Once done, hit the Save button in the top right corner.
    Set the visibility and category for your chatbot.Save Custom GPT

That’s it! You successfully made your first Custom GPT. However, you can continue improving it with more files with data or tweak it for specific answers.

For example, I used the Logo Creator GPT to generate a logo for it.

Check out my Youth Career GPT, and let me know what you think.

Youth Career GPT

The key is continuously testing your chatbot and asking for feedback from people using it.

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This ultimate list of the best Custom GPTs covers it all! From writing, marketing, and coding to productivity, agriculture, and recipes. I also made a tutorial, so you’re covered from the technical aspect.

What’s your favorite Custom GPT from this list?

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