Age of Empires: Definitive Edition listed as available for Xbox One



Microsoft’s recent voyage back into the world of PC gaming has left some Xbox gamers behind. With PC getting everything that Xbox owners get, Microsoft should be putting their PC-only offerings on Xbox, right?

With the announcements of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and Gears: Tactics, Microsoft left Xbox users in the dark while granting PC users access to every Xbox exclusive. However, it would appear that Microsoft is bringing two of their PC exclusive games to Xbox One.

Spotted by Resetera user Neural, Age of Empires has been labeled as available for Xbox One on the Xbox Store. With the upcoming support of keyboard and mouse for Xbox One, Microsoft wouldn’t have to do much to the UWP program to get it running on the Xbox platform.

The Windows 10 exclusive RTS Rise of Nations was also spotted for Xbox One by Reddit user 08spurlingD.

If these games are coming to Xbox One, expect them to be announced during Microsoft’s X018 event on November 10th. Other notable additions to the show are the appearance of Crackdown 3 and, allegedly, news on a Sunset Overdrive PC port. Consider me hyped!

Source: Resetera 

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