Aero Glass Theme Will Be Coming To Windows 10 As Well


Microsoft introduced Windows Aero as the premium visual experience in Windows Vista. It featured a translucent glass design with subtle window animations and new window colors. Microsoft cited the following as the main features of Aero theme,

  • Aero’s distinctive visual style combines the appearance of lightweight, translucent windows with powerful graphic advances. With Aero, you can enjoy visually appealing effects and appearance and also benefit from better access to your programs.
  • One of Aero’s more visually obvious features is glass window borders, which let you focus on the contents of your open windows. Window behavior has also been redesigned, with subtle animations accompanying the minimizing, maximizing, and repositioning of windows to appear more smooth and effortless.
  • You can even fine-tune the color and appearance of windows, the Start menu, and the taskbar by tinting your translucent windows. Select one of the provided colors, or create your own custom color using the color mixer.

It also included Windows Flip 3D and few other features. With Windows 8.x, Microsoft started to reemphasize the Windows Aero themes.

Now, there is an unofficial tool called Aero Glass which enables glass look to windows borders. It is quite famous among tech enthusiasts. Now, the developers behind this tool has announced that Aero Glass will be coming to Windows 10 as well. It will look like the above image.

  • Aero Glass for Win10 is under development.
  • When the first preview version is prepared, it will be distributed to the selected users in their profile.
  • Do NOT ask for this version, only users who provided useful feedback during the previous development stages will receive it.
  • When the beta version is finalized, the debug version will be distibuted to all users in their profile.
  • When Windows 10 RTM is released, the final version of Aero Glass for Win10 will be distributed publicly to all users.
  • Aero Glass for Win10 will not probably be distributed as separate version but it will be included with Aero Glass for Win8.1.

Are you looking forward to Aero Glass for Windows 10?

Source: via: Neowin

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