Adidas miCoach App Updated For WP8 Devices With More Detailed Stats, Simplified Sharing And More

January 8, 2014

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Adidas micoach Windows Phone app

Adidas has updated their official miCoach app for Windows Phone 8 devices. miCoach app is a smart running companion on Windows Phone 8 and it uses GPS and real-time voice coaching to pace you through your exercise. You can keep track of your running on Nokia HERE Maps, you can get all cool stats about your work outs and more.

What’s new in the update:

The latest update to the adidas miCoach for Windows Phone 8 devices adds more insights into your speed, acceleration, distance and pace – and it also makes it easier to share your progress with friends (or your real personal trainer).

This high-tech running companion and trainer provides real-time voice coaching and the ability to track your distance, calories burned and much more. The app now has support for BTLE heart rate monitors and the Adidas Speed Cell sensor. You can also now keep track of split times, and tap-to-share workout information with your friends or real personal trainer.

Download the app for free here from Windows Phone Store.

via: Microsoft

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