AdDuplex: Windows 10 Creators Update hits 18% of global PCs

It’s only been a month since Microsoft released the Creators Update officially, and it has already hit 18% of active PCs running Windows 10 according to AdDuplex.

Similarly to the pace of the installation of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update last year, the Creators Update is rolling out in waves, first to PCs who request it, then everyone else to ensure that it doesn’t brick obscure PC configurations or otherwise interfere with hardware. Only 0.5% of PC users are trying out Windows 10 RS3 – the Fall Creators Update.

On the mobile side, the rollout is a little more advanced, with 56% of mobile users running Windows 10 Mobile version 1703 and 4.3% running Windows 10 Mobile Feature2. This is due to to the Windows 10 Mobile user base being more dedicated and excited about updates than the Windows 10 PC fanbase. In addition, the dead-ending of older Windows phones and the scarcity of newer ones ensures that Windows 10 1703 will be the most used version of Windows 10 Mobile for a while.

There isn’t much else in the AdDuplex report to pore over. The Windows phone segment of the report has been dropped for reasons that should be apparent. In the same vein, there isn’t much movement in the PC hardware market, HP, Dell, Lenovo et al dominate the market with a mixture of beautiful, high-end notebooks, and more basic mainstream PCs for users who don’t have a $1000 to drop on a whim. While the UK and the EU5 have different distributions when it comes to manufacturers, the mix of manufacturers is still roughly the same as that of the worldwide market – with HP taking the lead in both cases.

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Windows 10 S and Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update. While none of these are factors in Ad Duplex’s report as of yet (due to not being released), we anticipate they’ll give an indication of where Microsoft’s vision of computing is going moving forward.

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