Activision Blizzard won’t be at The Game Awards this year


6, 2021

Regardless of if they have anything to show or not, host Geoff Keighley has stated that Activision Blizzard won’t be appearing at The Game Awards

“Beyond its nominations, I can confirm that Activision|Blizzard will not be a part of this year’s The Game Awards,” Keighley matter of factly stated in a Twitter thread after previously sitting on the fence throughout an interview with The Washington Post

“The Game Awards is a time of celebration for this industry, the biggest form of entertainment in the world. There is no place for abuse, harassment or predatory practices in any company or any community,” Keighley continued on Twitter, taking a firm stance against the alleged “pervasive ‘frat boy’ workplace culture” work culture at Activision Blizzard. 

“I also realize we have a big platform which can accelerate and inspire change,” Keighley continued. “We are committed to that, but we all need to work together to build a better and a more inclusive environment so everyone feels safe to build the world’s best games.”

Activision Blizzard King has found itself under scrutiny after the damning allegations that the company had a “pervasive ‘frat boy’ workplace culture” work culture. Since that initial state of California lawsuit, groups have been calling for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick due to his knowledge of these allegations.

The Game Awards is due to broadcast on the 9th of December as an in-person event. The entire show will also be streamed online free for everyone to watch as usual.

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