Activision may reveal new Crash Bandicoot game this week


9, 2019

Woah! Activision may be doing what we’ve wanted for years as the company appears to be rearing up to reveal an all-new Crash Bandicoot game.

Over the week, a number of large-scale influencers have been receiving Crash-themed figurines from Activision. With the Christmas period coming up the figurines are appropriately festive themed, but is Activision simply playing at Father Christmas? No. Never.

YouTuber Canadian Guy Eh, thanks VG24/7, took to Twitter to show the seven influencers reacting to their recently received Crash Bandicoot figurines.

“7 LARGE SCALE influencers have just received Crash products with little Santa hats on them out of the blue,” the YouTuber wrote on Twitter. “Strap in and hang on. Things are about to go nuts.”

Activision are not new to teasing new Crash Bandicoot announcements in similar ways. In fact, the company is very familiar with teasing new Crash outings in this exact same way since they did the exact same thing last year.

Back near Christmas 2018, Activision PR treated press and influencers to Christmas-themed merchandise of gaming’s favourite marsupial. Back then, these gifts were planned for one singular purpose: to tease everyone about the then upcoming Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The title was unveiled at last year’s The Game Awards.

So, yes, there will most likely be a new Crash Bandicoot game unveiled sometime soon. Whether the title will be unveiled during Sony’s new State of Play livestream, The Game Awards 2019 with Geoff Keighley or as a surprise during Nintendo’s Indie World direct tomorrow, we have no idea.

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