Action Toasts is an app which extends the Action Center

The Windows 10 Action Centre is — besides being a notification center — a place where users can carry out actions. For apps like messaging and email, for example, users can easily reply to messages or triage their inbox all from the action center.

Action toasts is one such app. It extends the Action Center with a few limited actions, including a (useful) calculator function, Tweet functionality, making quick notes with OneNote and a few others. Other than the calculator feature, which is quite useful, the others seem a bit redundant. OneNote for instance already has an action center extension for phones and on the desktop, all the major browsers (where users spend 99% of their time) have extensions for Pocket and OneNote. Nevertheless, the calculator function is useful on phones (where it makes the most sense)– and as long as it’s there the other features can come handy in a pinch.

Here’s what it features:

  • Search Wikipedia from Action Center
  • Tweet from Action Center
  • Add links to Pocket from Action Center
  • Make quick calculations from Action Center
  • Send quick notes to OneNote
  • Instant Dictionary reference
  • Send links to Instapaper

You can install it from the Windows Store below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Action Toasts
Action Toasts
Developer: Raamakrishnan A.
Price: Free