Acer working on an Android version of the Jade Primo


21, 2016

acer-jade-primo 1 reports that Acer is developing an Android version of the Acer Jade Primo, with the Acer S58A showing up on Geekbench benchmarking site (the Acer Jade Primo is the Acer S58).

The device has identical specs to the Acer Jade Primo (Snapdragon 808, 3 GB RAM) and speculates that the device may be a back-up plan for Acer, who was hoping to launch the Primo in November 2015, but which has been hit by delays due to the ever receding launch date of Windows 10 Mobile. With the absence of any OS brand markings or buttons it would in theory be trivial for Acer to reflash the handsets to Android and sell the devices into the larger market there.

Would our readers be surprised if Microsoft’s slow development has caused Acer to jump ship? Let us know below.

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