Acer reportedly expecting chip shortage to ease

April 8, 2021
Acer Swift 3X

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The shortage of semiconductor chips has made building a PC a much more difficult time recently, however, Acer is expecting it to get better. 

In an interview with Taipei reporters via Reuters, the semiconductor shortage was discussed with Andrew Hou, Acer’s president for Pan-Asia Pacific Operations who said that the supply chain has since “jumped into action” after the supply issue was known. 

Hou reportedly said that they expect better supplies in the second quarter of this year and that the situation will improve further into the second half of the year saying that “That’s what we are seeing at the moment,” with the situation getting better.

With manufacturers having expected less demand during the throws of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer of the vital semiconductor chips were ordered. This left companies unprepared for the eventual boom in demand that surged as more people started working from home. On top of that, the Ever Given cargo ship getting stuck certainly didn’t help matters either. 

The problem isn’t just about the semiconductor shortage, though whichever way you slice it, it certainly doesn’t help. With scalpers buying up hundreds to even thousands of units have also been a real problem this past console, and graphics card, launch season.

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