The Ever Given ship has only just been freed, but a Totally Accurate Suez Canal Training Simulator already exists. 

After being thoroughly memed to death by every corner of the internet, It was surely only a matter of time until the global economy disrupting event got its own game.

Made by Mythical City Games on, the game is one beautiful meme that touts itself proudly by saying “This highly accurate simulator training system allows you to learn the ins and outs of captaining a ship through the Suez Canal. “ 

In the game, you captain a ship through those most treacherous of waters, a canal. Faithfully recreated Egyptian landscapes all around for you to enjoy before encountering a ship precariously parked like the Ever Given itself. 

With floaty physics making keeping any cargo difficult, and an economic damage counter at the top of the screen, it’s hard to even think about captaining the infinitely spawnable ships properly.

To top it all off, the coming soon section below has some brilliant features such as “The Suez Canal MMO, Full RPG with a 20 hour storyline,VR Mode, Space Canal Simulator, Death on the Suez (FPS), Canal Royal (Battle Royal)” though sadly dashing all our hopes for these masterpieces with a crushing “(not really)”.

You can play Totally Accurate Suez Canal Training Simulator in your browser, or download it on if you want to enjoy it for yourself.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Ever Given pop up in gaming, with Microsoft Flight Simulator beating Mythical City Games to the punch, with modders including their own canal blocking ship as a landmark.