A pocketable Surface is ‘absolutely my baby’, says Surface Chief Panos Panay

by Anmol
October 3, 2018

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Surface Chief Panos Panay has hinted towards a pocketable Surface device that might be coming soon. The Surface Chief said “a pocketable Surface is absolutely my baby” during an interview with Verge post Surface event.

We have seen several patents in the past hinting towards a mysterious device Andromeda which has been in works for the last couple of years. Now Panos’s statement confirms that a device is indeed in works and we might see it soon.

It’s absolutely my baby. We will invent and we will create when products are right. We can’t bring new categories into the world and not be a place where customers need it. Right now we see people use these products in ways that are blowing my mind, it’s inspiring. I think Surface Hub 2 is ready. I think any other form factor you haven’t seen yet we’ve gotta get right, we’ve got to make sure we keep inventing to make it perfect.

– Panos Panay

Not only that Panos also talked about the software and the perfect marriage between Hardware and Software.

I’m not talking about just the hardware, I’m talking about the whole thing. What it means to you, how it gives people the opportunity to be the best that they can be or transforms something they don’t do already. I think being fair about that as a product person is important.

– Panos Panay

Given that Andromeda is still in works, it looks like Microsoft might be trying to get everything right. However, one haunting question is if it will be too late for Microsoft by the time they get everything right with Andromeda. Nevertheless, we can now be certain that there’s a Surface device with a smaller form factor. In my opinion, now might be the perfect time for Microsoft to launch a pocketable Surface device. Do you guys agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The Verge; Via: Windows Latest

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