A look at Context Clues on Windows Phone 7 – a replacement for copy and paste

Anandtech has published this video showing Microsoft’s much vaunted replacement for copy and paste on Windows Phone 7 in action.  While this solution is said to satisfy 80% of users needs, and Microsoft has insisted that the solution is superior, we have also heard rumours that Microsoft is planning to implement copy and paste in a future update which would be rather good news.

One possibility which has occurred to me for the delay is that Microsoft intends to implement a more advanced version of copy and paste than just the text-based version we are familiar with.  On the iPhone for example one can copy and paste images rather easily, and one can imagine a web-clipping version like on Courier, which funnily enough in fact now seems all about copy and paste.

Could Microsoft be planning to bring us a better copy and paste?  Let us know your opinion below.