A-A Reset Manager For Windows Moble



 A-A Reset Manager does exactly what it sounds like: Manages how often your phone automatically does a Soft Reset. Need to schedule one in 10 minutes, by all means, go for it. Love having a Fresh Device in the Morning? Schedule a daily soft reset @ 5am so your ready to go in the morning.

I will be frank from the beginning; this is such a a great item and such a simple idea I’m scratching my head as to why no one had thought it before now.

For all you Touch HD Owners (Lucky!) who have a soft reset button under the battery cover, it also has a soft reset now button. This application is simply ingenius, it’s free and it shouldn’t take a wild guess as to where it came from: XDA!

Download it from XDA-Developers here.

Via Pocketnow.com

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