6tindr gone, but Rudy Huyn to work on Tinder for Windows Phone


It seems we will be seeing the best possible outcome of all from the confrontation between Rudy Huyn and the Tinder team over his 3rd party Tinder app, 6tindr.

Rudy has today reported on twitter that he has been conversing with the CEO of the company, Sean Rad, and that he will be working with Tinder on a Windows Phone version of the app.

Unfortunately that still means his 3rd party app is out of action, but I suspect work will be tremendously accelerated by the effort already put in.

While Rudy has not said how long he expects the work to take, it is likely it will be much longer than we expect, given all the legal checks that need to take place before a large company releases a software package.

Hopefully by the end of the year however we will all be arranging hookups with out Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.