49% of Finns say their next phone will be a Nokia


Nokia is regaining the confidence of the Finnish population, if a survey of 1000 Finns by Taloustutkimus is anything to go by.

The annual survey found 49% of Finns said their next phone would be a Nokia, up from 45% last year.

The number is still down from 68% in 2011, but it indicates that Nokia has recaptured the attention of Finns even against intense competition from companies such as Samsung and Apple and after their smartphone platform switch.

The 49% share compares with 19% who want a Samsung, only 10% who want an Apple, and 18% undecided.

They survey found of those who earned more than 70,000 Euro per year 43% wanted a Nokia, vs only 15% who wanted an iPhone, and that those who preferred an iPhone were dominant with those between 50-64, while the youth preferred Nokia.

All professions except farmers preferred Nokia, while farmers preferred Samsung.

While Nokia holds a special status in Finland, being associated with patriotism,  the improvement in its standing there can still be seen as a bellwether for similar, if less dramatic improvements elsewhere.

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