3D emojis for Windows 11 are in the works

by Rahul
January 31, 2022
Microsoft Emojis Fluent

When Microsoft released Windows 11 last year, one of the changes users expected to arrive with it was the 3D emojis. But much to their surprise, what users got was not nearly as beautiful as 3D emojis. This might change soon as the company appears to be working on 3D emojis for Windows 11.

On his Twitter account, Microsoft’s Nando Costa has put up a link to a LinkedIn post, which goes into details about the process of making 3D emojis. In a reply to that Twitter post, Twitter user Ethan Alvarée replied, “lovely. Wish they actually looked like this on Windows 11.” And to this reply, Nando has confirmed that Microsoft is currently working towards bringing the much-awaited 3D emojis to Windows 11.

However, he didn’t share with us the timeline for when the new emojis will be available for users. Although not confirmed, the new 3D emojis will likely be available for Windows 11 Insiders first. In other words, we’re less likely to see the change in the next big update that Microsoft is planning to launch next month.

Microsoft initially teased the 3D emoji back in July last year. And since Microsoft had confirmed that it’d bring significant visual changes, including the introduction of 3D emojis, to the operating system, it didn’t go down very well with some users when the company added redesigned 2D emojis in Windows 11 instead of what the company promised. Microsoft had to face a lot of flak for that, with some users accusing Microsoft of “Scamming people.”

Were you one of those who criticized Microsoft for not including the 3D emojis in Windows 11? Sound off in the comments section below.

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