Expectation vs Reality: Windows 11 users upset by emoji bait and switch


15, 2021

One of the motivations for the release of Windows 11 was a clean break from the now-boring flat design of Windows 10, and it seemed a large number of Windows 11 users have been expecting the new fluent design would also carry over to the new emojis coming to the OS.

Microsoft did not help with this expectation, teasing some very good-looking 3D emojis recently.

What was instead delivered, with much fanfare, with the latest Insider build of Windows 11, was not half as pretty.

Program manager Brandon LeBlanc was not exactly apologetic about the bait and switch, but still appeared to tease more was coming.

Overall the issue appears to be mostly a storm in a Twitter teacup, with bigger deliverables such as Android apps on Windows 11 still missing, with no solid delivery date.

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