How to sideload the LinkedIn app to your Windows 10 Phone

Microsoft earlier last month pulled the LinkedIn app from the Windows Store – for Windows phones at least – just before presenting a new one.
As it turns out, you can download the new LinkedIn app for your Windows phone, It’s a web-wrapper, just like the pulled LinkedIn app became, but you’ll at least get the benefits of an immersive mode and faster access to LinkedIn for serious business.

To snag it, you’ll first need the appx file of the current LinkedIn app. The enthusiast site WindowsBlogItalia has acquired the mobile package of said app, perhaps using third party tools like fiddler or otherwise.

Here’s how to install it:

  1.  Navigate to Settings > Update and Security > FOr Developers @> Enable Developer Mode
  2. Download the file either to your PC from this MEGA link or directly to your WIndows 10 phone. Locate the file folder in the built in File Explorer app, and then install it.
  3.  The app should now appear in your app list.

The app is exactly the same app as the old app which was pulled raising questions as to why Microsoft has not left the app in the store, at least to throw a bone to their mobile users. Surely, nothing gets more write once, run everywhere than a web-wrapper?

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