21 games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of May

May 16, 2018

Update: Four more games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of May.

Xbox One

  • Mad Max

Xbox 360

  • LEGO Batman

  • Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space

  • Sam & Max Save the World

Original: Xbox Game Pass games don’t stay in the service forever. Microsoft constantly announces new titles joining the program, but we never really hear about lumps of games leaving the service. At the end of this month, a group of 21 games are set to be removed.

Here are the games being removed on May 31 (most are Xbox 360 titles):

Xbox 360

  • Age of Booty
  • BioShock
  • BioShock 2
  • BioShock Infinite
  • de Blob 2
  • Borderlands
  • Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
  • Dig Dug
  • SoulCalibur
  • Final Fight: Double Impact
  • SEGA Vintage Collection Golden Axe
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
  • Bound by Flame
  • Sacred 3
  • SEGA Vintage Collection Alex Kidd & Co.
  • XCOM: Enemy Within

Xbox One

  • Defense Grid 2
  • Blood Bowl 2

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that gives players access to a rotating catalogue of over 100 digital games, including titles on Xbox One and Xbox 360. In addition to downloading the games directly to your console for the best experience, you will also receive discounts on certain games and related add-ons. Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 a month, but you can start a 14-day free trial today.

Via: Neowin

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