Apple’s iPhones dominate the list of 2019’s top 10 best selling smartphones



According to the latest report published by Counterpoint Research, Apple’s iPhones dominate the list of top 10 best selling smartphones of 2019. The list contains as many as six different iPhones, while the rest are from Samsung and OPPO.

With 3 percent of global smartphone sales, Apple’s iPhone XR tops the list of 2019’s best selling smartphones. iPhone XR is followed by last year’s iPhone 11, which has a 2.1 share. The third and fourth position is claimed by Samsung Galaxy A50 and Samsung Galaxy A10 respectively. OPPO A5 comes in the fifth position and it’s the only OPPO phone that made to the list. The last five smartphones are iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy A20, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 7, iPhone XS Max respectively.

Talking about sales in different regions, Apple dominates the North American markets, while in Europe, Latin America, Africa, West Asia, there are more Samsung branded phones than any other brands.

Despite being the fact that iPhone 11 was released September last year, it’s managed to climb to the second position quickly. And it’s being predicted that iPhone 11 will soon replace the iPhone XR as the best selling phone globally. Though it will be interesting to see when iPhone 11 manages to beat 2018’s iPhone XR.

Interestingly enough, no flagship Samsung Galaxy phones made it to the list, which is a bit surprising given the fact that both the S series and Note series very popular globally.

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