15 Minutes of Halo: Reach 4K PC gameplay released

June 29, 2019
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Halo: Reach is currently in beta testing for PC users with just 1,000 lucky players being invited to try it out. To commemorate the occasion, 343 has released 15 minutes of Halo: Reach 4K PC gameplay.

The gameplay shows a full fifteen minutes of the game’s fifth level, Tip of the Spear. With a framerate counter in the upper-right corner, showing a perfect 60fps at 4K, this PC port is shaping up quite well.

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In the future, other players will be able to share gameplay from the PC port, although every player will only have access to this one level. The playable build here is simply an updated version of the build shown off at E3 2019.

With Halo: Reach coming to PC sometime soon, with the rest of the Master Chief Collection afterwards, PC players will soon be able to play through most of the Halo franchise before the release of Halo: Infinite.

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