Physical copies of both 1001 Spikes and VVVVVV on PS4 and PSVita have been illegally sold before their official street date.

Publisher Nicalis announced on Twitter that the physical copies available on eBay and other sites are unreleased versions of the game.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the subject, Nicalis told their followers that the illegal copies can easily be spotted due to a hole-punched barcode. These hole-punched versions are samples provided to Sony and are not meant to be sold in any capacity.

Nicalis is keen to note that these copies are not covered by the company’s warranty and do not include any bonus goodies that will come in the full release. The games should be coming to Nicalis’ official store sometime soon.

For those of you thinking about picking up copies of 1001 Spikes and VVVVVV, maybe wait until the official releases.