Snapchat’s Zenly has made a competition out of isolation



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Zenly is a Snapchat-owned app which gives users a “live map of (their) friends and family”, making it easier to see who’s out and about.

Amidst Covid-19, for a change, Zenly is encouraging users to do the exact opposite and stay at home with its new stay-at-home leaderboard.

The leaderboard displays the top 5 user’s friends who’ve been staying at home the most.

This feature is available to users who’ve enabled their location services.  Users should also give the app a couple of days to become accustomed to the user’s daily pattern, so it can work out where they actually live.

While this may be inconsiderate to key workers, and of course those actually sick in hospital, its overall goal is for the greater good.

Check out the app here.

Source: Theverge

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