Zagg Skin For HD2 Review


If you are like me, you have faced a scratch or dent on your HD2. Thankfully Zagg has made a new way to hide anything from public eyes, and protect you in the future from all the impending drops. Well let’s take a closer look at this product, and how it could help you with your HD2.


When you first receive the product, it comes in a brown padded envelope. The envelope contains everything you need including Back skin, screen protector (if applicable), cleaner spray, screen whip, instructions, and all. The package is not as well presented as I am sure the iPhone product would come, but it still is good enough. Taking everything out and laying it out, it becomes easy to see what you need, and so you can move on to the instructions. The instructions are very well worded. While being small, it lets you know of everything you need step by step. These step if followed correctly (which I did not) result in a good looking skin, so let’s move on to applying.


clip_image002 Before you start the process, make sure to turn your device off and remove the battery. Go into an area with the least dust, so for me I went into my living room. From there you have to use the included cloth to clean your devices screen and make sure it’s greaseless and ready for application. The cloth does a great job in making the screen clear and greaseless, so good that as soon as I am done… my finger puts a very visible smudge right after cleaning. Moving from there you have to make sure all your fingers are sprayed with the included installation spray. This step is very important because when you remove the skin from the paper, your finger could leave a lifelong smudge on your device. Moving on from there, you remove the front screen protector from its paper and make sure to spray it down to get it ready for installation, and do not spray your device.


From there you begin putting on the skin on your screen, while keeping in mind that you must make sure to keep the screen dust free. Applying the screen protector is the most frustrating thing in the whole process. Making sure it fits (kipping in mind the cuts are not the most perfect, certainly not as good as they make for the iPhone) as best it can, not covering anything like buttons and mics. After this is all done and your protector is in place, let it get dry and settle on your device. This step might also be very important, because if it dries on badly… you might have ruined your investment. Finally, when this is done you can move on to installing the back skin.

clip_image004Installing the skin is very simple, two steps. First step, take it off its sheet paper that it comes on. Taking it off is a bit challenging because the paper and the skin are very close to each other, so you have to bend the paper, and shove your finger under it. Doing so should release a bit of the skin, and allow you to peel it off. Step two; place the skin in the correct holder place. Laying it down with care, because I found that on my previous drop of my device… My back cover began scratching, and so peeling off the skin removed some of the metal paint HTC put to give the device a good look.

Final Review:

This skin at the end of the day looks pretty good. With the included wallpaper I downloaded online, I have a complete look on my device. The only problem was due to the problems I faced with my installation process. I was forced to remove the screen protector and stay with just the skin.

At the end of the day, I am sure many will ask me… is it worth it? Well yes it really is. Keeping your device protected when dropped and your screen from being scratch might keep your device looking brand new even when the HD3 comes in. The pricing is decent, not as low as other protectors, but for the value it’s sure worth the amount.

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