YouTube makes Super Thanks accessible to more eligible creators

April 27, 2022

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YouTube is giving its content creators another way to monetize their videos by making Super Thanks available to more eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program. The new feature will now cover millions of creators from 68 countries on desktop and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

“Everyday, YouTube creators help me learn or achieve something new — from baking sourdough during the pandemic to fixing my bike just last week,” Samantha Stevens, the product manager of Paid Digital Goods at Youtube, said in a statement to Techcrunch. “Imagine if you could say a special thank you to your favorite creators or show appreciation for specific videos that have taught you something new or helped you. With Super Thanks, now you can.”

Super Thanks, which was first introduced as Viewer applause, basically allows fans of creators to “earn a new source of revenue and connect with viewers who want to show extra gratitude for their content.” Fans watching a video on the video page of a content creator can purchase Super Thanks ranging from $2 to $50. By sending one, a colorful animated GIF will appear on the device’s screen, and the senders will have their avatars posted in the comment section saying “Thanks!” to confirm the purchase of Super Thanks. Nonetheless, the comments can also be customized, and creators have the choice to respond to them.

Super Thanks is YouTube’s new Paid Digital Good, allowing fans to send payments to their favorite creators. The feature joins the other Paid Digital Good items creators rely on to earn money on the platform, including Super Chat and Super Stickers, which were launched in 2017 and 2019, respectively. 

YouTube creators who want to take advantage of the new Paid Digital Good can enable it through YouTube Studio. YouTube, however, reminds creators that it is only available to specific types of videos, not including those that are age-restricted, unlisted, private, made for kids, with Content ID claims, with YouTube Giving fundraisers, and live streams or Premieres, while live (available on archived VODs afterward).

Super Thanks was introduced in 2021 as a beta feature but was rolled out immediately after its success to a select number of content creators. “Over the past year, we’ve partnered closely with creators to beta test this feature and gather feedback to inform and shape the experience,” said Barbara Macdonald, Paid Digital Goods Product Manager at YouTube at that time. “In fact, while beta testing Super Thanks, psychic intuitive Nicholas Ashbaugh was able to generate a new revenue stream—one that now accounts for nearly 15% of his revenue—by tapping this new way to recognize and engage with his most active fans.”

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