YouTube announces AI-powered Aloud dubbing tool at its AI event

September 22, 2023

At its AI-focused Made on YouTube event yesterday, Google announced a new AI-powered dubbing tool called Aloud — and it’s rolling out soon.

You may remember that the video-sharing platform teased back in June’s VidCon event that it would integrate the team from Aloud to help creators automatically dub their videos into other languages – and it seems like we’re getting closer to a worldwide release. 

Aloud is designed to help creators easily and affordably dub their videos into multiple languages, making their content accessible to a wider audience.

YouTube is still rolling out Aloud to a small group of creators, but it should be available to everyone in the next few months. It will launch in English, Spanish, and Portuguese first, with more languages to come.

“YouTube reaches audiences globally, so we’re bringing an AI-powered dubbing tool that will help creators open up their content to viewers across the world,” says YouTube.

The best part? Aloud will come at no cost to users. Take a look at how it works below:

Elsewhere during the YouTube’s AI event, the video-sharing platform also announced a new mobile video editing app for Shorts, a TikTok-like feature, and a new AI Insight tool to help creators brainstorm video ideas.

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