YouTube is testing AI-generated summary feature for limited users

August 1, 2023

Ever seen a 30-minute long video where 5 minutes of it is a useless intro and 10 more others is an ad? Well, we’ve got some good news for you, as YouTube is working on an AI-generated summary feature.

You’ve read that right. Now, as spotted in the recent update on the platform’s feature experiments page dated July 31, 2023, the summaries are designed to give users a quick overview of what a video is about, so they can decide whether it’s the right fit for them.

“While we hope these summaries are helpful and give you a quick overview of what a video is about, they do not replace video descriptions (which are written by creators!),” the update says. 

The AI auto-generated summaries will appear on watch and search pages, but the experiment is currently limited to a small number of English-language videos and a select group of viewers.

If you remember, this isn’t the only AI-related test YouTube has been running in the past few weeks. One of these tests involved the introduction of AI-generated quizzes on its mobile apps. 

Specifically, a limited number of iOS and Android users were presented with AI-generated quizzes on the app’s homepage. The reason? To “test your understanding of a subject covered in a video you recently watched.”

It’s exciting to see AI making its way to make us watch YouTube videos better. We’ve also covered this AI tool called Aloud that basically lets you dub YouTube videos easily. Though, only English videos can be dubbed into Spanish and Portuguese, with additional language options set to be added soon. 

What are your thoughts on Google working on YouTube AI-generated summary? Will this be a game-changing feature in the next months to come? Let us know in the comments!

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