Your company will soon be able to brand your Microsoft Teams background

by Surur
April 11, 2021

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In the “I am surprised it took so long” department, Microsoft is adding support for companies to supply the custom backgrounds employees can use during Microsoft Teams video calls, offering them the opportunity to set a uniform virtual location for the whole organization or to more prominently feature their brand.

Currently, end users can replace the background in a video meeting or call with any image, if admins have enabled the feature, and companies can not easily push a single image.

Microsoft is launching the feature in preview in late April, but companies will need an Advanced Communications license when it becomes generally available in July.

Up to 50 images can be uploaded via the Teams admin centre, can be either PNGs and JPGs, and should be no smaller than 360x360px and no larger than 2048x2048px.

The feature is to be used with the Background Effects policy and answers a long-running request by companies who want to brand their organization.

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