You will soon be able to comment on Lists in Microsoft Teams

by Surur
October 12, 2021

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Microsoft has announced that they will be bringing the ability to comment on Lists to Microsoft Teams. The feature is currently only available on the web.

Users will be able to view, delete, and add comments on a list item inside Teams. Comments will stay with the list item regardless of it opening on SharePoint, Microsoft Lists on the web, or Teams.

Users collaborating on list items within a Teams channel will be able to add and view comments within Teams itself. These comments stay with the list item and can also be viewed in Lists on the web.

Users mentioned in a comment will be notified via email. The person who receives a notification can click a link that will take them directly to the list item on web. They’ll be able to review the comment in context and take the requested action.

  • Comments within teams will follow the same permissions as on web—People with read permission will only be able to view comments, whereas people with edit permissions will be able to add or delete comments.

List owners will be able to turn off comments for individual lists by using the List Settings page on web. Also, you can use the PowerShell cmdlet, CommentsOnListItemsDisabled, to disable commenting on list items for the entire organization.

This feature will roll out on desktop, web and mobile in the following order:

  • Targeted release (entire org): We expect to begin and complete rollout in mid-October.
  • Standard release: We expect to begin rolling this out in mid-October and expect to complete the rollout in late October.
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