You will soon be able to add Teams apps while scheduling a meeting in classic Outlook

June 26, 2023

Microsoft Teams and Outlook will get major design revamps in the coming months. The company’s two major communication platforms will not only offer a design refresh but will also come with a ton of new features in the coming months. The Redmond tech giant is also improving the existing Outlook-Teams integration to make communication seamless.

Microsoft is working on a new feature for the classic version of the Outlook app on Windows for better communication. As described on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, the upcoming functionality will allow users to configure or add apps for Teams meetings while scheduling a meeting in Outlook. Microsoft has highlighted the ability to use the app when you chat or join meetings in Teams as the major advantage of this nifty capability. Microsoft hasn’t given us any details about what the UI will look like, so we will be able to talk about it in more detail only when it officially launches for the public.

You can create Teams meetings in the classic version of the Outlook app on Windows. However, you will need to have the Teams add-in installed on the Outlook app. On top of it, you will soon be able to configure which Teams apps to open when people join or chat in Teams right from the Outlook app on Windows. Microsoft is currently targeting the Outlook Windows client, with no updates on when the same capability will be able on other platforms.

Microsoft is planning to launch the ability to configure apps for Teams meetings in Outlook next month, though the tentative general availability is in September. The feature will be available for Microsoft 365 Insiders first and later to the general public.

It’s worth pointing out that Microsoft can delay the feature if it faces any challenges. Also, while it’s planning to release the functionality for all in September, we might see a delay if it’s not happy with how the capability works during the testing phase with Microsoft 365 Insiders. Nevertheless, we all hope that it will arrive in time promised on the Roadmap page.

If you are a Teams user, what do you think about this feature? Let us know in the comments section.

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