You might be able to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 soon

March 29, 2016

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Microsoft has been focusing quite a lot on Linux recently. The company recently launched its SQL Server, and .NET Core for Linux, too. Now, it seems like the company is getting ready to take its relationship with Linux one step further. With Windows 10 Redstone, Microsoft might allow developers to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10. For its Build 2016 developer conference, the company listed a session title as “Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!” which has been pulled already:

Of course, you can already run Bash on Windows with things like Cygwin and MYSYS which are basically a bundle of GNU utilities that provide utilities such as Bash and Gawk. However, as Microsoft enthusiast, WalkingCat notes, developers might be able to natively run Linux binaries on Windows in a real Linux environment:

Obviously, all of this are just assumptions at the moment and we hope to see some official announcements about Bash on Windows at Build 2016, which is happening tomorrow. As per usual, we will be attending the event in San Fransisco and to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest news from Build, make sure to bookmark our dedicated event page for Build 2016 here.

Via: WalkingCat, Tero Alhonen

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