You can now Interop Unlock any x50 series Lumia devices


Interop Unlock on Windows 10 Mobile has been around for more than a year now. Unfortunately though, Interop Unlock wasn’t available on some of Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Mobile devices. This includes the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 650 and the Lumia 550. Now, some developers at XDA Developers were able to Interop Unlock the Lumia x50 devices. With Interop Unlock, you can make several tweaks to your Windows 10 Mobile, including things like adding a custom accent, and much more.

They have also provided a how-to which you can follow to Interop Unlock your Lumia device. Needless to say, this is only for power users, and it may damage your device if you don’t follow the process correctly. Therefore, if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing, we don’t recommend you to try this out. Here’s the method:

  • Download the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK Lite from here. Once downloaded, install it on your PC
  • Enable Developer Mode on your device (Settings > Update & Security > For Developers)
  • Download the file from the Attached Files section here. Once downloaded, unzip the folder
  • Connect your Lumia device to your PC via USB
  • Open Application Deployment on your PC from the Start Menu or via Cortana/Search
  • On Application Deployment, click on the Browse button, browse to the extracted folder and select the vcREG_1_6_W10M.xap file. After that, deploy the app (make sure your device doesn’t lock itself)
  • Once the deployment is complete, open the VCReg app on your Lumia
  • Click the ellipsis menu from the app bar, and select the x50 Series Unlock button (if it shows an error about a missing Acer file, just ignore the error)
  • After that, click on the Step 1 button. Clicking on the Step 1 button will show a dialog asking you to do the following before clicking on Step 2:
    • Download and extract the from here
    • Open a CMD as Admin on the extracted folder
    • Now go to the extracted folder which we extracted earlier in the process
    • Copy the file acer.service.acersystemservice.spkg and put it in a folder inside that extracted folder (call it anything you like)
    • Then enter the following command: iutool -v -p “path to the folder that has acer.service.acersystemservice.spkg”  (In our case, the command was: iutool -v -p “D:\Windows\Interop\vcREG\acer” )
    • Once done, the device should reboot
    • After the device has rebooted, you need to copy the files newndtksvc.dll and ndtksvc.dll into your phone’s Documents folder (you can find both of the files in the extracted vcREG folder)
    • Now, open the VCReg app on your phone, go to the x50 Series Unlock page from the ellipsis menu and click on Step 2
    • The app will ask you to reboot your device, so go ahead and reboot it
    • Once the reboot is done, open the app’s x50 Series Unlock page again and click on Step 3
    • Lastly, you’ll have to reboot one more time
  • Now, you need to open the app again and go to the x50 Series Unlock page. From there, click on the “Live Interop/Capability Unlock” checkbox and hit Apply
  • After that, your device should now be interop unlocked

Once again, please do not try this unless you know what you’re doing. If you were able to Interop Unlock your device, you can use the app Interop Tools  to apply some tweaks on your phone. The app also includes a Registry Browser which you can also use to tweak your phone — but once again, this can be very risky.

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