You can now create new Sticky Notes directly in Outlook for the web

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for which adds a great feature for Outlook users. Up until now, Outlook users were able to check their Windows 10 Sticky Notes on Outlook web but with the new update, Microsoft will now allow users to add notes as well.

Spotted first by the Reddit community, the feature will allow users to create a new Sticky Note directly on Outlook. The new notes will sync immediately and show up on both Windows 10 and Microsoft Launcher on Android. This could be helpful for people who use Outlook on public computers and don’t have access to the Sticky Notes app on Windows 10. The feature was announced by Microsoft recently and is finally rolling out to the Outlook users.

As of now, the feature is rolling out in phases and since it’s for web, there’s no manual update needed. However, it might take a couple of days for the feature to show up for everyone. To check if it’s available for you, go to and select notes from the side menu. Once there, you should see a “New Notes” option on the top.