Good news for all The Witcher fans! are currently giving away The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free, but there’s a Gwent-shaped catch.

In order to get your free copy of the game, all you need to do is subscribe to’s newsletter and download Gwent. Gwent is completely free to download, so don’t worry about any hidden costs.

After doing this, you’ll be gifted a free ‘card keg’, which is a special pack of cards you can use in your Gwent deck. Yep – Gwent is a The Witcher themed card game.

You’ll then get your free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Hooray!

Just be aware that, especially if you’ve played the later instalments in the The Witcher series, the original game is an entire 12 years old. Don’t go into it expecting the same gameplay as later games.

The Enhanced Edition came out in 2008, with improved features such as 200 new animations, new NPC models, correct dialogues, improved stability, and shorter load times, but it’s still 11 years old. You’ll need to play with a pinch of salt and an open mind.

Click the link here to get started on your ‘getting The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free’ adventure. Who knows, you might even get super into Gwent while waiting for The Witcher Netflix series to come out later this year.

(Note: Everything we say about Gwent is a loving joke. We personally enjoy the game!)